Ernest Majo
Komponist, Dirigent
Dichter, Künstler und Professor



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This website is in honor of a very special artist. Ernest Majo (Majowski) was a German composer, poet, conductor, and artist. He composed mostly symphonic wind music but also other genres such as Christian and chamber music. He has created almost 500 pieces with some still unknown. Ernest was a well-known composer in the brass music scene. With his compositions, he has opened the hearts of many people. Even today, his compositions are still played regularly. Majo wanted to elevate amateur wind music to a higher level. At present, however, the term “popular music” is still growing. Ernest Majo main work is attributed to the high symphonic wind music. Meanwhile, Beer tent music is often presented in the press, radio, and television, leaving symphonic wind music largely unrecognized for its accomplishments. This was also an eternal struggle for Majo. His concerts and recordings abroad (USA, Japan, Austria, Iceland, etc.) sometimes gained more recognition than in his own country.The low cost of selling sheet music from the popular brass band often leads to the conclusion that Majo’s music would be out of date. But MAJO’S MUSIC IS NOT OUT OF DATE. MAJO’S MUSIC WAS TRULY AHEAD OF ITS TIME. HIS MUSIC IS LIKE THE MUSIC OF ALL THE GREAT COMPOSERS – ABSOLUTELY TIMELESS!

Check it out yourself! You will discover some great treasures on this website!

Please support the musical heritage of Ernest Majo and forward this website, his music, and his notes. Ernest Majo must not be forgotten!

And finally, a very special thanks: I would like to thank Armin Suppan, who supports the musical heritage of Ernest Majo.

Katja Majowski

Next to Paul Hindemith, Hermann Grabner and Willy Schneider, Ernest Majo belongs to that group of excellently trained masters, who were the first original works for wind instrumental essays and thus opened up a genre to the fields of artistically superior music. Ernest Majo has consistently and successfully maintained this direction and has thus provided decisive services to the brass music industry,” quoted by the musicologist Wendelin Müller-Blatau.